why forgetting about cool stuff makes life worth living.

Because you get to re-discover things like "The Octagonycolegyst" (sp?) all over again. And marvel at the mind-blowing, kind of x-rated, kind of sci-fi, all around wild nuts adventures Dr. Octagon spits. (And it has kick-ass pushead art!)

Seriously, I try very hard to not turn this blog into an "I LIKE THIS AND YOU SHOULD TOO-fest", but for the love of god if you are not into this guy and shit like halfsharkalligatorhalfmen wake up and smell the awesome. You don't have to be into any kind of music, just the urge to have your mind blown HARD.

In other news I have been busier than a belt in a Wesley Willis puma-whooping contest. Did mixtape art for Mick Boogie & Benzi's party jam "Motivation", check it out on URB's site. Wrapped up doing a special edition of Sole Collector that should hit the streets within weeks. Some mixtapes for Steph Floss, album packagaing in the works for the metalheads, some apparel designs for lots of kinds of heads.

Season 4 of LOST starts tomorrow, warp 10 geek boners engage. Thanks J.J. Abrams, I haven't geeked out on anything for a good decade and you've brought that streak to a screeching polar-bear infested halt.

Rest in Peace Wesley.


Happy Birthday, I'm 43.

Patton Oswalt is a lot of things to me. Okay, maybe he's mostly just one thing to me, a cyclone of razor-sharp comedic genius easily worthy of way more than just blog in his honor. So it seemed eerily appropriate not 2 days after I finally lost my KFC Famous Bowl virginity that he publish the account of his run-in with the cozy artery-galvanizing monstrosity, via The Onion. Although I stand in polar opposition to his stance on the starchy, salty delight; I am once again in his debt as he has supplied me with yet another slab of blogitorial (is that even a word?) glee. I defy you to find a more stark and gritty snack review, on or off-line. I feel like I'm actually there in the bowl. Blanketed with gravy and regret. Thanks Patton!