adele - 1988

A xmas gift from Mick Boogie & His Amazing Friends. Consider the cover design a yuletide nugget of joy from those wily okpants design elves.


The Wrestler

Darren Aronofsky? Mickey Rourke? Springsteen?!?!
I'll be in tears before the opening credits are over. (via FirstShowing)


Culture Shock

One of my latest visual offerings, and Studio 43's latest offering from DJ Deja Vu.
Download the mixtape for free here.

Up next: More bananas stuff for Terry Urban & Mick Boogie, my first album packaging of 2009 and some designs for Atom Bomb Tattoo. (Stop over there and check out the new joint, tattoos always make great holiday gifts!)


lil wayne



Before I embark on a savage turkey bender, and OD on the "Rocky" and "A Christmas Story" Marathons, I wanted to get all liner notes-ey with it and send some thank yous out to some awesome people for working with me over the last year:

Zac & Sole Collector Magazine. House Of Blues. Live Nation. Kenny Burns & Studio 43. James Sliman. In Absentia. Jason & Fractured Transmitter Recording Co. Atom Bomb Tattoo. ListenClose Music Group. Defiance Tattoo. DJ Steph Floss. Mick Boogie. Terry Urban. Jostin & Less Avenged. Tika Sumpter. James Sliman. Crowd Deterrent. Numb. Creepout. Matt @ Coalmine Records. Harlan @ 6196 Promotions. Overload Fitness. Bill Peters & Auburn Records. Derek & Marty @ Strhess. Bill & the crew @ Go Media.

It's hopefully evident I'm thankful to make a living doing what I love, and it's only because of the people above that it's possible. There are for sure some omissions here, they are certainly not on purpose.

With that said, have a happy thanksgiving, and show no mercy on those leftovers.

Pants Pantsley



Here's a small sketch I did a while ago of Mister Sinister. Dunno why I like it (save for the weird veins in the temple), but it's been sitting in my notebook for long enough I figure I'd stash it somewhere it wouldn't get wrecked. I think I'll start posting more sketches here and there...feedback is always appreciated.



DJ Obscene Logo

Hi everybody, sorry for the lack of updates. Let me bring you guys back up to speed with a logo for Miami's own DJ Obscene I finished up last week. Plenty of stuff on the horizons, some apparel work, some good ol' fashioned disc packaging. Things are looking up.



The latest mixtape title from Doxx & ListenClose Music Group, featuring beats from fellow home-teamers The Kickdrums, and design from thisguyrighthere. The Canadian/Clevo connection is strong these days.


Studio43.com is live! Thanks to Kenny Burns and crew for letting me run wild with this one, get into it. The latest site design by okpants design and his amazing friends. (High Five Jostin.) We're only getting started...stay tuned for a few more site launches in the next month!

Also, if you're into that internet stuff, feel free to hit me up.
I am definitely way into making it look cooler for you.


The Circuit

This Friday (or 'Halloween' as people who live fun-filled lives know it as) marks the launch of The Circuit's mixtape "For Promotional Use Only", designed by your friendly neighborhood okpants design.

Get familiar.


Phonographic Arts

Just designed this logo for Phonographic Arts - a record collector's dream come true. If you're near the Cleveland area stop on in, they're located in Tremont, come check out some gems.


T-Minus 14 Days to Halloween...

Please make sure your listening selections are calibrated accordingly.
Some other selections that can help you to properly observe the best holiday of the year (Sorry, Arbor day): Danzig, Misfits, American Werewolves, Manimals, Type O Negative

Here's to a great Halloween 2008, and the hopes that we can keep the painfully overdone & unfunny topical costumes to a minimum (hey 342nd guy I saw dressed as Borat last year, I'm looking at you.)


Suicidal Tendencies

Having to listen to "Institutionalized" for inspiration lets you know you job does not suck. Also just posted a bunch of new work at my Behance account - Thanks for checking it out as always.


The Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is here! 'Honor' is right to have taken part in designing this piece.
Available For FREE Here


The Sisters Of Mercy

I love making posters and I love all of you. Even you over there picking your nose. Thanks for stopping by.


Electile Dysfunction

Never thought I'd have the chance to pay tribute to these 3 particular things at once in the same piece. Weirder things have happened, I guess. My first screen printed poster as well. Exciting times.


Keith Marlowe

Keith is a NYC photographer/adventurer/awesome dude from Cleveland. I'm very stoked to know him and call him a friend. You can rest assured his work is better than most things. Get familiar.


You're bringing the truth today, internet.

America Is F*cked.......(Graphically at least) from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.

RIP Evan Tanner

I'm a casual MMA fan at best, but after seeing these clips of Evan Tanner I'm pretty bummed I didn't follow him more closely when he was alive. A fascinating interview and undoubtedly a unique and awesome dude.


Ultimo 90's Mixtape

If you're like me, the 1990's introduced you to the genre of alternative rock, and you loved the dogturds out of it. It also means you abandoned things like "shampoo" and "girls" in favor of wearing long sleeve tees under short sleeve tees, comic books and carbs, but that's beside the point. Nick Catchdubs and Mr. Ducker manage to break off a heaping helping of some alt-jams with Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, mixed together with craft to boot. Enjoy.
(via Byron Crawford)

Nick Catchdubs & Mr. Ducker - Radio Friendly Unit Shifter



Another Marky mixtape for Studio 43. In development on their website as well as we speak.


tokyo x youngstown x okpants

Just wrapped up this cover for Youngstown Crowd Deterrent and the pride of Tokyo Numb. One of my more favorite things I've done recently. Because what says "global hardcore" better than a jason mask? NOTHING. Numb will be touring the states this October, my suggestion to you is to get familiar and get to the Cleveland/PA area around that time.



Eazy-E tee I designed earlier this year for Dope Couture hath hit the interwebs. Snag it here.


DJ Steph Floss X G-Shock

Just wrapped up packaging for DJ Steph Floss X G-Shock "Timing is Everything" Mixtape. He definitely rules at DJing, and his blog makes it happen as well. Get into it.

UPDATE: You can download the mixtape (FREE) here.


8.22.08 - The Q - Cleveland

My crummy cell phone photo doesn't even start to tell the story.
I indeed was made to feel deep last night, if even in the cheap seats.


Lesson Of The Day

When you are the baddest fighter on planet earth, you will get an extra ice cream cone too. Then and only then. (via Cage Potato)


Rogen Is The Truth.

This summer just gets better and better.


Young Chris - Last Man Standing

I got to lay out the latest mixtape from Ohio's own DJ Steph Floss. Features Rocafella's own Young Chris. Free Download Here! Thanks for checking it out.


Knowledge and how it's dropped.

I was going to try and launch into some James Lipton-esque diatribe on the genius of Patton Oswalt. For fear I may lose you before you click here for a transcript of Patton's speech at his alma mater high school, I'm going to give the keys a rest and allow myself to be a vessel into one massive chunk of wisdom. And jokes.



A dizzying level of awesome to strive for. Have a lovely day!


Warped Tour

Designed a special supplement for this week's Scene Magazine that hits the streets today. Who gets tired of magenta elephants in their undies? Not this guy.

Also stop on by the new OKPANTS webstore! Some cool button 4-packs are available for $2 (includes FREE shipping in the US). Makes an ideal gift for any occasion, or to prove your ability to BE AWESOME to the world at large.


My Interview w/The Button Post

What better way to celebrate our nation's Independence (beside dodging bottle rockets, grilled red meat, or the Will Smith blockbuster film) than heading over to The Button Post and reading an interview with me? Find out my insights on design, superpowers, and more!

Thanks to Jeff @ Pure Buttons for hooking it up, and making killer buttons!

Have a safe and burger-filled 4th of July everybody!



Internet, meet Denny Blaze, just one more of the 1279178258234584654 reasons I love you with all my heart. He's also one of the 154514239908 reasons I am proud to call myself a Clevelander.

Also, Summer Of Hate Is here! The shirts are in, and look even sweeter than the mockup above. Big high fives to Larry @ Lotus Printing - hit them up for all your merch needs. If you're in the Cleveland area Sat. June 28, and love hardcore and/or summertime hijinx, stop by Peabodys Downunder!



Portfolio's Friend

okpants.com is featured over at http://portfoliosfriend.com. There's a growing and diverse collection of portfolios to rank and vote on over there, check it out. Thanks guys!



Move it on over to my brand spankin' new webstore (which has taken WAY too long to open). First items are avialable are my brand new button 4-packs 'Space Race' and 'A Whole Buncha Ghosts' in special editions of 40 packs apiece. Manufactured by Pure Buttons. Coming soon - some posters, shirts, and whatever I can slap some OKPANTS goodness onto and ship to you. Click the pictures to buy!


I'm on twitter...

sooooo...yeah. Check me out, as I have no clue what advantages this site really affords me yet beyond letting all of YOU know when I embark on such epic adventures like drinking coffee or rage 7-hour-long law & order SVU benders. Truth.

On deck: OKPANTS WEBSTORE is ridiculously close to being REAL open. Some goods coming yr way.


This Week in "Making Stuff Look Cool".

A cover for my good friends The Coffin Brothers debut EP "Final Warning".
Available June 28th.

Harlem's own Jelani's debut mixtape "Wait, You Can Rap?" (June 28). An extensive update on okpants.com coming soon on the development of this packaging and logos. Shots from his newly juiced up myspace page below, graphics courtesy of youknowwho.

Canadian MC Doxx's mixtape "Uptown USA" (ListenClose Music).