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The first of hopefully many covers for Columbus's own Steph Floss.


The latest mega-sized special issue of Sole Collector hits newstands next week with 90 glorious pages dedicated to the history of the Air Jordan, laid out by yours truly. Pretty cool gig, and pretty cool people to be able to pull it off with. Thanks to Zac, Steve, Nicole and the whole gang @ SC for having me aboard.

My brother, Lee, launched a blog this week dedicated to his craft of shooting & production, which in last weekend's case involved this:
Dennis Kucinich and Sean Penn

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http://24framespersechrist.blogspot.com/ Get into it.

If you're in the Cleveland area, there's a cool show going on tonight (Sat. Feb. 23) with Lifeless Motions @ The Doubting Thomas Gallery (856 Jefferson Ave.) 10pm-ish? Free to all. Art, rock music, byob and other musings are involved.



All Messed Up But Nowhere To Go

As this blog de-evolves into a "things I held so dear when I was an indie teen weirdo that Youtube has delivered me back into the arms of" showcase, I'd be remiss to not post an Afghan Whigs video.

I decided I really like this video. Probably if for no other reason it's really making people mad and confused. I know hip hoppers are throwing themselves out windows over it in befuddlement, but Spike Jonze has been WTFing the shit out of people for like 2 decades now (as evidenced here as well) and now more than ever the medium could use a little of that anyhow.

And in the interest of balancing out the "words to pictures" ratio; here's a photo of Kanye, just because it has lasers in it.


For Valentine's Day I give you a NERD poster.

I made it myself.
Also, Because any reason to slap the word "NERD" on a big sheet of paper is a great one.
Real Space Age 3-D technology -- Coming to a telephone pole near you real soon!


Going to the NBA All Star Game...

...weeelllllll, not really. However, Mick Boogie & Terry Urban will be down there bringing the jams, and they made sure to slap some of my work on their 2008 NBA All Star Mixtape before they got outta town. Thanks dudes!

Up next: Pitch Black Forecast, Dope Couture and more.



A poster I designed for a now-cancelled Trey Songz show. Oh well, might as well show you guys since no one else will be seeing it.

In anticipation of some cooler stuff I'll be offering in the future, I'm going to have some limited edition goodies available in the next month...stay tuned!