tushy shaking. money making.

Saturday Night (11.03.07) at Touch Supper Club is a monthly party I help some friends throw called "WYLD". Terry Urban, Mike Good Life, and Special Guest Mick Boogie will be spinning this weekend. All 3 can rock jams to the max, the bar serves cold refreshing beverages, and the halloweenery should still be in full tilt.

In other news, I just landed some cool layout work coming up for a sneaker magazine to be named in a little bit. Also received a little love from Germany on DLounge.

I also just stumbled upon the site LinkedIn, which is basically a myspace for grownup professionals. I'm still riding that wave of excitement over a site I haven't been to 42653567 times already. It's kinda text heavy but still super rich with features, and an easy way to find out whatever happened to the kid in the back of your 4th grade class that ate paste, wore pajama pants to school and smelled like cheetos, and what fortune 500 he runs.

Happy Halloween!


sneakerheads unite

Just did a flyer for a sneaker event coming up at the Grog Shop. I'm not terribly immersed in sneaker culture, but I love looking at wild design I could never get away with wearing, and it's cool to see stuff like this pop up around cleveland. Hope to see you there.


my part time lover

Just posted a couple new pieces in the poster section of my portfolio site.

Coming soon...some posters for Stevie Wonder, Hall & Oates, and a couple other disc layouts.

The quest to get back into video games was given a huge boost this evening as my girlfriend surprised me with an early birthday present, the nintendo wii. The future is here. Goodbye productivity, hello big & tall.



Hi everybody. I am launching this blog as a tag team partner to the new and improved okpants.com. It's really happening. An outlet for me to share important issues with you in my life, likeart and design, good honest turkey sandwiches, parties, jokes...these are all things I'm hoping that are important to you as well. If not, we can work it out. Don't leave yet.

But back to my site. And projects. There's some current work up there that I just completed, Some posters for Underoath and Jimmy Eat World on their way, a mixtape layout for Mick Boogie (Cleveland mixtape guru/all around nice guy), and an online store is on its way (finally) . Also, if you have links, and you are not a dork; get them over to me, as trading links makes me happy.

I'm looking forward to making this whole thing pretty sweet, because I don't think this internet shtick is any fly by night operation at this point; and in the event that I fall short of changing the way you live (for the better), expect some archived John Belushi/Beetlejuice YouTube to be promptly inserted to save the day.

This is going to be a lot of fun. And occasionally awkward. But mostly inspiring, if not time consuming. Thanks for sticking around.