Lesson Of The Day

When you are the baddest fighter on planet earth, you will get an extra ice cream cone too. Then and only then. (via Cage Potato)


Rogen Is The Truth.

This summer just gets better and better.


Young Chris - Last Man Standing

I got to lay out the latest mixtape from Ohio's own DJ Steph Floss. Features Rocafella's own Young Chris. Free Download Here! Thanks for checking it out.


Knowledge and how it's dropped.

I was going to try and launch into some James Lipton-esque diatribe on the genius of Patton Oswalt. For fear I may lose you before you click here for a transcript of Patton's speech at his alma mater high school, I'm going to give the keys a rest and allow myself to be a vessel into one massive chunk of wisdom. And jokes.



A dizzying level of awesome to strive for. Have a lovely day!


Warped Tour

Designed a special supplement for this week's Scene Magazine that hits the streets today. Who gets tired of magenta elephants in their undies? Not this guy.

Also stop on by the new OKPANTS webstore! Some cool button 4-packs are available for $2 (includes FREE shipping in the US). Makes an ideal gift for any occasion, or to prove your ability to BE AWESOME to the world at large.


My Interview w/The Button Post

What better way to celebrate our nation's Independence (beside dodging bottle rockets, grilled red meat, or the Will Smith blockbuster film) than heading over to The Button Post and reading an interview with me? Find out my insights on design, superpowers, and more!

Thanks to Jeff @ Pure Buttons for hooking it up, and making killer buttons!

Have a safe and burger-filled 4th of July everybody!