Electile Dysfunction

Never thought I'd have the chance to pay tribute to these 3 particular things at once in the same piece. Weirder things have happened, I guess. My first screen printed poster as well. Exciting times.


Keith Marlowe

Keith is a NYC photographer/adventurer/awesome dude from Cleveland. I'm very stoked to know him and call him a friend. You can rest assured his work is better than most things. Get familiar.


You're bringing the truth today, internet.

America Is F*cked.......(Graphically at least) from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.

RIP Evan Tanner

I'm a casual MMA fan at best, but after seeing these clips of Evan Tanner I'm pretty bummed I didn't follow him more closely when he was alive. A fascinating interview and undoubtedly a unique and awesome dude.


Ultimo 90's Mixtape

If you're like me, the 1990's introduced you to the genre of alternative rock, and you loved the dogturds out of it. It also means you abandoned things like "shampoo" and "girls" in favor of wearing long sleeve tees under short sleeve tees, comic books and carbs, but that's beside the point. Nick Catchdubs and Mr. Ducker manage to break off a heaping helping of some alt-jams with Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, mixed together with craft to boot. Enjoy.
(via Byron Crawford)

Nick Catchdubs & Mr. Ducker - Radio Friendly Unit Shifter



Another Marky mixtape for Studio 43. In development on their website as well as we speak.


tokyo x youngstown x okpants

Just wrapped up this cover for Youngstown Crowd Deterrent and the pride of Tokyo Numb. One of my more favorite things I've done recently. Because what says "global hardcore" better than a jason mask? NOTHING. Numb will be touring the states this October, my suggestion to you is to get familiar and get to the Cleveland/PA area around that time.