The latest mixtape title from Doxx & ListenClose Music Group, featuring beats from fellow home-teamers The Kickdrums, and design from thisguyrighthere. The Canadian/Clevo connection is strong these days.


Studio43.com is live! Thanks to Kenny Burns and crew for letting me run wild with this one, get into it. The latest site design by okpants design and his amazing friends. (High Five Jostin.) We're only getting started...stay tuned for a few more site launches in the next month!

Also, if you're into that internet stuff, feel free to hit me up.
I am definitely way into making it look cooler for you.


The Circuit

This Friday (or 'Halloween' as people who live fun-filled lives know it as) marks the launch of The Circuit's mixtape "For Promotional Use Only", designed by your friendly neighborhood okpants design.

Get familiar.


Phonographic Arts

Just designed this logo for Phonographic Arts - a record collector's dream come true. If you're near the Cleveland area stop on in, they're located in Tremont, come check out some gems.


T-Minus 14 Days to Halloween...

Please make sure your listening selections are calibrated accordingly.
Some other selections that can help you to properly observe the best holiday of the year (Sorry, Arbor day): Danzig, Misfits, American Werewolves, Manimals, Type O Negative

Here's to a great Halloween 2008, and the hopes that we can keep the painfully overdone & unfunny topical costumes to a minimum (hey 342nd guy I saw dressed as Borat last year, I'm looking at you.)


Suicidal Tendencies

Having to listen to "Institutionalized" for inspiration lets you know you job does not suck. Also just posted a bunch of new work at my Behance account - Thanks for checking it out as always.


The Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is here! 'Honor' is right to have taken part in designing this piece.
Available For FREE Here


The Sisters Of Mercy

I love making posters and I love all of you. Even you over there picking your nose. Thanks for stopping by.