The Strung Out Remixes

An itunes release for Coalmine Records. Hungover zombified party animal and swirls. Got it. Speaking of, did you see The Hangover? No? Well, at least watch this then. (I try to give back.)


De La Soul

Just wrapped up this De La Soul poster for House Of Blues.


Summer Vacation

In Cleveland that means the door is open for enjoyable weather for about 17 days* until the snow returns. It also means it's time for a site re-design (actually that's more of a coincidence but it sounds good.) The 2010 model okpants.com should be rolling into dealerships on or around the Fourth of July*, so pour yourself a nice cold beverage, pull the old grill up to your favorite monitor and light up the sparklers, because it's going to be a hot Independence Day on the internet.

I get pretty excited about not blogging more on here, because more often than not it means I've been busy doing actual work. Some broadcast design work, some illustration as well as some various projects with my superstar buddies at Go Media.

File Under Miscellaneous.
A mentor/friend of mine David Fedan recently launched a blog, and if you're a fan of disturbingly talented illustrator/animators you should have already clicked this by now. I linked it twice, so now you have no excuse.

I got the opportunity this weekend to take part in a video shoot for Don Foose's new band Foose. Nothing like doing multiple mosh takes for Spudmonsters jams that supplied the soundtrack for some of the best times of my life. Some calories got burned, fun was had. Check those links out if you have a vested interest in fast and fun.

*Give or take a few days.