A Fitting End To The "I'm F*cking" Era.

Hi Internet. Things are a little slow right now so I opted to touch base with you over coffee. I brought you one video joke and some news about my ongoing travels. So first, check this little nugget of joy out.

...Until they make a "I'm Fucking Jonah Hill" video, I feel this is a glorious and necessary end to the "I'm Fucking (insert celebrity here)" era of the viral video. Given the pace the internet ages anyways I'm sure this video is already locked away in a nursing home, but who would care in the name of laughter.

Mick Boogie's MCEO dropped yesterday if you haven't checked it out yet. Check a video out here from Talib Kweli about mixtapes, Mick, his google clout and more. Download it here.

If you're wondering what real ass genius is, check out the Food Party Blog and check out what my friends in New York are cooking up. Pun not intended. Okay, maybe a little bit.

That's all I got for now web. If I could ask you a small favor, please keep that midget Amy Winehouse video the heck away from me. Otherwise keep 'em coming.




talib X mick X pants

A preview of the cover I just designed for Talib Kweli & Mick Boogie's MCEO mixtape. Features Jean Grae, Strong Arm Steady, Nina Sky, KRS-One, Planet Asia, Res and more...Coming next week on mickboogie.com. Dillagence 2 is next.