memorial day weekend - some new work!

Hi all, some pieces this dropped this week I worked on - Wake The Lion "s/t", Marky "Homework 4.3" (Presented by Mick Boogie), and last but not least "Wildahead/Portibeast" by Wildabeast (feat. Sixth Sense).

Grill hard people.


There is Much way Too Much To Do.

Damn you web, and your 26567 slickly designed social networking sites. Sites for hipsters, farmers, astronauts, accountants...I should have known you would inevitably prey upon the art & design community in the form of Behance. I joined up with this site a few months ago and somewhere beneath the pile of work and life I have going on it got lost. So I am really sorry Behance, and to make up for it I just dropped some new work on there for you. You know internet, sometimes I think we fight just because the making up is that good.

In other news a few albums are dropping this month I did layouts on -- Pitch Black Forecast Absentee, brutal goodness with a human furnace cameo to boot, and American Werewolves The Lonely Ones. Thank AW now for supplying you with the soundtrack for your newly enhanced summer.

On deck is a New York Invasion of sorts - mixtapes from Jelani & wildness from Wildabeast & Sixth Sense. Also Young Chris/Steph Floss. Also a few little updates to my site okpants.com.


page 141

I was blown away to find some logo work I did a while back flipping through the pages of this stunning new book Band ID by designer Bodhi Oser. Get into it, there is a metric ton of amazing work in this book. Everything from the Black Flag 4 bars to my logo for Fight Paris.

A big giant poopload of work will be posted to my portfolio site within the next few weeks. Things have been relatively bananas, but it will be happily evident soon enough.

Hope everyone is well out there in webville. Get outdoors and do something outdoorsy, like viewing Iron Man.