I'd like to introduce you all to Gav...the guy who really gave me my first taste of the creative industry, while I was still in art school. He let me come in, pick the brain of him and his team of animators and learn the nuts and bolts of traditional animation.

And he paid me! A notion a the time that blew my mind, and to this day still kinda does. Guys like this in my still somewhat young career I'm real thankful for, and while my professional path has not quite led to animation, his insights and ability to draw cute and cuddly aliens and animals still stick with me. So thanks internet, for leading me back to Gav. He's a real nice, talented guy and now runs a studio called Horrendous Fiasco. Get to know him! Thanks Gav.

the holiday in a nutshell...

Okay, I get it now. This may as well be a crackpipe hooked up to a wii.
Could this be the end of Pants Pantsley's productivity?
Stay Tuned!
Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!


Pants + Sneakerfiles = Friends!

The dudes at Sneaker Files are now an affiliate. Think I'm lying? Check the right side of my sweet page under the category "FRIENDS". Hit me up if you wanna trade links. It can be just like baseball cards, just with a smaller sense of suspense and likelihood you'll score that Bo Jackson rookie you've been pining over.


entertainment weekly

Caught this nod to Mick Boogie & Busta Rhymes' Dillagence in the pages of Entertainment Weekly...now about getting that sweet sweet cover in there mr. editor man...

weekend motivation

Grab yourself a cup of high test coffee, set your $14.99 radio shack desktop speakers up to blast mode and press play.

If this won't compel you to weekend warrior greatness nothing will.

The aforementioned video got me thinking about growing the Martin Riggs action thriller mullet akin to the one above.


ok ok!

Made some tweaks and additions to the portfolio site.
On the horizon, some dvd graphics, more mixtapes, some apparel graphics, hopefully a sandwich and a powernap.
Got pretty excited when I saw this.
Like The Matrix meets Sobchak meets Mario Kart.
All it's missing is the choppy-run-on-badly-translated dialogue.



While I feverishly await more online images and trailers of batman whooping ass (and nipple & belly button-free costumes), this poster (assuming it's official) for the upcoming "Dark Knight" movie serves as a pretty simple and clever diversion. It appears the movie's official website offers no further fulfillment as well, at least for now.


Just wrapped up a cover for Terry Urban's new bananas mixtape "How My Brain Works". Terry alleges it is in fact "pineapples" while I contend it is in fact "bananas". Either way, it is an instant party jam session just in time for the holidays.

If you're in Cleveland, he'll be throwing a party in celebration of its release at B-Side Liquor Lounge with Mick Boogie This Saturday Night (Dec. 8), with copies of their new mixtapes ("Dillagence" & "How My Brain Works") on hand.


happy birthday hov! (diamond sign with candles)

It's here....(almost). - THE NEWPRINT BY Rocafella's own Young Chris and The Pride of Clevo Mick Boogie aka The Commissioner. Cover by some wacky guy.

Terry Urban
is next....this one is shaping up to be something special, visually and musically. Prepare for wildness.


The Newprint

A weekend well spent designing another mixtape from Mick Boogie...coming to an internet near you..SOON!



Just posted some new pieces over at my portfolio site. In the works: Terry Urban mixtape, Killswitch Engage poster, and some new Mick Boogie mixtapes.

Life is good.


youtube, the highs and the lows.

I don't know how even I allow myself to forget about this guy in this ADD'ed out age of technology and internet savagery. Somehow, I think it's all part of Andrew WK's genius in that he manages to slip out of my subconsciousness every few months, only to re-remerge out of nowhere with the same sense of excitement and glee I felt the first time this genius entered my life....all over again.

Which sure was needed, after curiosity, boredom and Scene Magazine's blog led me to this little youtubed Pandora's Box of horror and instantaneous depression. See below.

So Thanks Scene, for somehow subconsciously leading me back to happiness, only after dragging me through a Canadian digital forest of terror my grand children's children will have to exorcise from their scarred minds in therapy, and I shall be forced to relive through sleepless nights, again and again. Or until the pearly gates allow me in, and the video for "Party Hard" probably plays on loop for eternity, and the pizza is free. I hope.



DILLAGENCE is here! Download it if you haven't already at mickboogie.com. High fives to Mick and Busta for putting together another spectacular piece of music and keeping Dilla's legacy alive and well.



From Mr. Busta Rhymes mouth...er, keyboard; after taking a look at this mixtape cover. Stoked is right.

Click on the image to find out more.
(photography by B+)


high fives mean you're makin' money

The fact that it's Friday night usually puts me in good enough a mood, but the news I just received concerning another new project I'll be working on has shot that shit straight through the ceiling. News & work will be posted on the super secret ninja news wire as soon as circumstances permit!

Also, See Planet Terror.
That's all I got for now. Have a nice weekend!


Every Time I Think I'm Out...

Every time I think I've reached the great white haze at the end of this grand new interweb, I stumble upon a new network I just have to be a part of. For some reason we love making up screen names, passwords, and the opportunity to flaunt what tv shows and bands we like in a tabled format. And by "we", maybe I just mean "I". At any rate, Behance is a worthy exception with a very fluid and intuitive interface and, while still kind of small, a pretty talented pool of creatives. Also, what's cool is it doesn't limit itself to designers, it welcomes people of all creative inclinations.

I'm still populating my page and filling it up with stuff, but if you deem yourself a creative person and looking to find like minded real-life talented people that don't try to hock you spam giftcards or webcam shows, come aboard.

aaron sechrist Portfolio


Shimmy Shimmy Ya......

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

With an approach that was acrobatic, mercurial, spastic and soulful; while always maintaining a brutal honesty; Russell Jones aka Big Baby Jesus aka Osiris aka Ol' Dirty Bastard aka....? extended himself beyond even the revered status of being a pillar of the Wu-Tang Clan, and for that matter all boundaries of hip hop, to leave his unique and unforgettable mark on an entire generation. Rather than try to further encapsulate a career and personality that defies mere words and James Lipton-esque adjectives, our good friends at YouTube have supplied a somewhat better and more vivid idea below.

Today, rather on the day he was born than on the day he died, I welcome you to join me in celebrating the life of a true original. Rest in Peace ODB.


"Even the Stars Up Here In The Sky Look Like A Mess"

Angels & Airwaves

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Just finished this poster for Angels & Airwaves...the show is not until next year, but never too early for some faux 3-D hijinx. Actually, next year is about 1 month and a half away. Nevermind, enjoy.



While 2007 will not go down in the books as one of the most miserable years in Cleveland sports history, my beloved metropolis still remains starved for a championship and the accompanied parade/car tipping/trophy hauling. However, last night, a lone soul-patched man would rise from the ranks of the relative midwestern unknowns to claim his place along side the all-time culinary greats as The Next Iron Chef.

So here's to you, Chef Symon, for doing your part and holding it down for Cleveland America and high end snacks. One needn't be a seasoned foodie, or the chairman; to savor in this triumph either, just someone who knows a warrior when they see one. And while I didn't take to the streets of Tremont, shirtless, hooting and hollering; it made the memories of drives, fumbles, shots and rivers afire that much more distant.




A quickie I designed, but a goodie - flyer for LA DJ Steve Aoki @ Touch Supper Club in Cleveland. Also featuring Mick Boogie, Terry Urban and more good dudes.


tushy shaking. money making.

Saturday Night (11.03.07) at Touch Supper Club is a monthly party I help some friends throw called "WYLD". Terry Urban, Mike Good Life, and Special Guest Mick Boogie will be spinning this weekend. All 3 can rock jams to the max, the bar serves cold refreshing beverages, and the halloweenery should still be in full tilt.

In other news, I just landed some cool layout work coming up for a sneaker magazine to be named in a little bit. Also received a little love from Germany on DLounge.

I also just stumbled upon the site LinkedIn, which is basically a myspace for grownup professionals. I'm still riding that wave of excitement over a site I haven't been to 42653567 times already. It's kinda text heavy but still super rich with features, and an easy way to find out whatever happened to the kid in the back of your 4th grade class that ate paste, wore pajama pants to school and smelled like cheetos, and what fortune 500 he runs.

Happy Halloween!


sneakerheads unite

Just did a flyer for a sneaker event coming up at the Grog Shop. I'm not terribly immersed in sneaker culture, but I love looking at wild design I could never get away with wearing, and it's cool to see stuff like this pop up around cleveland. Hope to see you there.


my part time lover

Just posted a couple new pieces in the poster section of my portfolio site.

Coming soon...some posters for Stevie Wonder, Hall & Oates, and a couple other disc layouts.

The quest to get back into video games was given a huge boost this evening as my girlfriend surprised me with an early birthday present, the nintendo wii. The future is here. Goodbye productivity, hello big & tall.



Hi everybody. I am launching this blog as a tag team partner to the new and improved okpants.com. It's really happening. An outlet for me to share important issues with you in my life, likeart and design, good honest turkey sandwiches, parties, jokes...these are all things I'm hoping that are important to you as well. If not, we can work it out. Don't leave yet.

But back to my site. And projects. There's some current work up there that I just completed, Some posters for Underoath and Jimmy Eat World on their way, a mixtape layout for Mick Boogie (Cleveland mixtape guru/all around nice guy), and an online store is on its way (finally) . Also, if you have links, and you are not a dork; get them over to me, as trading links makes me happy.

I'm looking forward to making this whole thing pretty sweet, because I don't think this internet shtick is any fly by night operation at this point; and in the event that I fall short of changing the way you live (for the better), expect some archived John Belushi/Beetlejuice YouTube to be promptly inserted to save the day.

This is going to be a lot of fun. And occasionally awkward. But mostly inspiring, if not time consuming. Thanks for sticking around.