Internet, meet Denny Blaze, just one more of the 1279178258234584654 reasons I love you with all my heart. He's also one of the 154514239908 reasons I am proud to call myself a Clevelander.

Also, Summer Of Hate Is here! The shirts are in, and look even sweeter than the mockup above. Big high fives to Larry @ Lotus Printing - hit them up for all your merch needs. If you're in the Cleveland area Sat. June 28, and love hardcore and/or summertime hijinx, stop by Peabodys Downunder!



Portfolio's Friend

okpants.com is featured over at http://portfoliosfriend.com. There's a growing and diverse collection of portfolios to rank and vote on over there, check it out. Thanks guys!



Move it on over to my brand spankin' new webstore (which has taken WAY too long to open). First items are avialable are my brand new button 4-packs 'Space Race' and 'A Whole Buncha Ghosts' in special editions of 40 packs apiece. Manufactured by Pure Buttons. Coming soon - some posters, shirts, and whatever I can slap some OKPANTS goodness onto and ship to you. Click the pictures to buy!


I'm on twitter...

sooooo...yeah. Check me out, as I have no clue what advantages this site really affords me yet beyond letting all of YOU know when I embark on such epic adventures like drinking coffee or rage 7-hour-long law & order SVU benders. Truth.

On deck: OKPANTS WEBSTORE is ridiculously close to being REAL open. Some goods coming yr way.


This Week in "Making Stuff Look Cool".

A cover for my good friends The Coffin Brothers debut EP "Final Warning".
Available June 28th.

Harlem's own Jelani's debut mixtape "Wait, You Can Rap?" (June 28). An extensive update on okpants.com coming soon on the development of this packaging and logos. Shots from his newly juiced up myspace page below, graphics courtesy of youknowwho.

Canadian MC Doxx's mixtape "Uptown USA" (ListenClose Music).



A logo for Las Vegas's own DJ Zo. People with short names that give you freedom to run wild with ideas rule HARD. Those people, and sports mascots. I'll post the other comps, which I was also stoked on, to my portfolio site soon, along with some other assorted goodies.


Coffin Brothers

Just wrapped a logo for Cleveland's best new punk band Coffin Brothers. They play their debut show June 28th at Peabody's in Cleveland. You've been warned.